Getting a Grip of PFI Contracts – the Key Issues to Address

Introducing Andrew Chubb (Co-founder and Partner), ProjectPFI as our Education Insider for the January 22 edition of Education Insights.

Andrew is a former CEO of a Multi-Academy Trust, with over 30 years’ experience in education, 25 of which were at a senior level as a Headteacher and CEO. He has been closely involved in the design of two Academies, a mainstream Secondary Academy built under BSF and an AP Academy built under PSBP, for which he wrote the successful bid
which was subsequently approved by the DfE.

He has extensive experience of PFI in the education sector, which includes successfully renegotiating the FM and Lifecycle contracts of his Trust’s biggest School – Archbishop Sentamu Academy. He fully understands how daunting it can appear to tackle PFI contracts, and with his colleagues at Inscyte, is able to offer tailored strategies, support and
encouragement to Headteachers and CEOs to make the whole process more manageable.