What to Ask and What to Avoid When Asking Safer Recruitment Interview Questions

Asking the right questions, during a job interview, is a crucial aspect of ensuring that you recruit individuals who are suitable and safe for the role, and will support your School’s success. You will not only need to make sure that the prospective employee can excel in the fundamentals of the role, but you will also want to ensure that they can work effectively with parents and colleagues too.

However, there are other elements to consider when finding a suitable candidate. With the safeguarding of pupils in your care at stake, falling short of a watertight safeguarding procedure is not an option. Interviews are incredibly important in terms of testing candidates’ emotional maturity, resilience, values, ethics and motivations to work with children.

To help you gather the information that you need during the interview phase, without falling foul of employment legislation, we’ve provided some sample questions that you may wish to ask, and avoid, during selection.